About us

Designing ones home is a personal ,intimate process and you have to embrace the many twists and turns it takes to creating an exciting ,inspiring but ultimately liveable space. Adele McArd at Signature Interiors is very much the designer to take you through this process Helping you transform your home into a happy oasis.

Some designers are lead by their love of line and architecture others by the latest fashions My inspiration comes from listening to my client and achieving more than they could imagine, with my knowledge of fabric and furnishings I design around stimulating and inspiring the senses.


The aspect of the room is the key; I do not adhere to a style of design that looks like it has been “painted by numbers ” I like to play up to the individuality of each room. Colour is to be embraced and not feared I enjoy working with the way the natural light enters the room and bounces around it using mirrors,glass and textures When rooms are bright i keep the colour scheme more simple and tonal, maximising the use of subtle textures When rooms are dark clever lighting schemes can be designed to create layers of atmosphere Pattern can also create the drama required to bring a room to life.


Good window insulation and soft furnishings that absorb unwanted noise are essential to the harmony of any room I think a lot about how each space will really be used and then use materials to enliven or soften the sense of noise bouncing around the room accordingly so through traffic areas are acoustically not intrusive but conversations are easy while music is playing in a dinning room. Paper backed wallpaper is a great way to absorb sound.


Often it is the invisible things such a smell that creates a sense of true luxury in a space. I love the smell of flowers, polished furniture and floors. Adding fragrance can have as much impact on how someone feels in a room as can the choice of furniture or wallpaper used.


Creating kitchens and dining rooms that allow a family to be together is a personal passion of mine. It is invariably the heart of the home – it is where everyone congregates ,talks and nourishes. Enjoying food preparation is now very much part of our lifestyles the amount of cookery shows on television supports this. In the dining room we want our taste buds stimulated but also scintillating conversation. In a dining room, whether it be part of a large open planned living and kitchen area or an intimate dining room all of its own, either way I aim to create an enviroment where people want to sit, linger, enjoy and unwind. A good comfortable chair is essential and a handsome simple table that multitasks like us all.


Here I work with as many natural fabrics as possible infusing different textures.